Monday, April 21, 2008

why can't they realize?

hi, its been a tough time for me today. last night i went with my mother's house and i have noticed that she is crying, she got teary eyed my heart sob when i see her sad and disappointed. again its because of my sisters. Oh! God I wish I had a simple life and that I don't have problems like these. But let me just tell you the story. It's all about their debts left and right , (gosh I can't live with debts) and they are pressuring my mom to borrow for them. Sana man lang naisip nila ung kahihiyan na aabutin ni nanay sa oras na mag palaya sila sa pagbabayad. I can't tell it to them directly for I dont have the position to do so, all I can do is to cry out to God. So right this morning I began to pray for 15 min just for my family. Lord I can't bear it anymore, please help me. I didn't know what to do, I want to help my mom and to release her from this. God bless me that much so that I can become a blessing.

Thank you and make me brand new everyday!

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