Sunday, June 29, 2008

taking the step of faith

i wake up this morning @ exactly 5:45AM. Wow, I was so happy, it's Monday and I should be early or else I would be late at my work. But it's quite good to feel that the Lord reminded me to get down on my knees first before I will do any preparation. So I entered my prayer closet and was so surprised that I started to pray like this:

"Lord I thank You for today. I thank You na maraming customer ang pupunta at kakain sa aking restaurant ngayon. Thank You at hindi po kami mapapanisan ng pagkain. Thank You at mageenjoy ang aming mga customer sa kanilang mga oorderin. Lord I also thank You na marami pa rin ang pupunta sa aming white sand beach resort. Thank You na ito ay malinis at ang aking mga tauhan sa resort ay mga magagalang at mababait sa kanilang mga customers. Ganun din sa aking 1000 hectares of land producing fresh veggies and fruits. Thank You na aking mga tauhan ay mababait, they loved their job, honest and they are blessed, their family were blessed and their kids as well."

While I am whispering those very words, there is a big smile on my face. Actually, di ko pa hawak sa mga kamay ko ang mga blessings na ito from the time that I was writing this post. I believe and I call this part of my life as "putting up the step of faith". As what the Bible says "Death and life are the powers of the tongue (Prov 10:24)". So I rather choose to speak up positive words than negative, blessings than curse, victory than defeat, and courage than fear.

It's my dream, "if you have a dream, protect it. if you have a goal, go for it. be determined to become what you dreamed of." Remember, God is in charge. He is in control on everything in my life.

I am writing this post and start to believe from this day forward that these will come true.

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