Sunday, April 27, 2008

how are you?

Smile or frawn?
will i choose to be happy or sad?

well, hello here i am again blogging to release my emotions. I hate to tell this but I'm not really ok today. I may smile at you but deep inside of me I know I am not okey. Why just people doesn't seem to understand and weigh things out? Why can't you understand that I can't do it to go there at your brother's house and eat some food but face to face they are mocking you. I can't stand to see you being mocked, yes they are your family your "real brothers" but do they act of it? i mean do they care if you're hurt. they just tell things they don't seem to understand, they don't seem to appreciate... i'm so tired of them. if ever you'll find a way to see this blog and read this, I just hope that you'll made to realize my point. I don't want to let them see that we are begging our bread to them. Yes you'll just spend Php 200 or less but the feelings, the perception, the principles can you just weight it out????.... I don't care what or how they think of me, I know I'm just doing this to protect my dignity as your partner, and to protect you as well na hindi tayo aasa sa kanila. I know it's a pride within me but I'm so tired na baka pagdating ng panahon isumbat nila ang lahat ng tinulong nila sa atin. Siguro it would be necessary for them to let them realize there is something wrong between me and your "real brother". I guess I'm out of the problem, and I believe I'm right at this point. I know I can't blame you because you also wanted to be with them now go your way, do what you want but don't let me in. I'll stay home, I don't want to hear their side comments for its nothing to me. It won't help me anyway.

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