Wednesday, April 16, 2008

it's me

well, i know its been a long time ago since i've started blogging...gosh, its almost 5 months ago, been busy for this past few months. well last december i've got a terrible month somehow that i felt so depressed, abandoned - feeling that im no good at all. Thank God, I'm restored back again. Lord help me to do your will at all times so that my life wont be in misery. I might suggest to myself focus on what is ahead of me, what's my life purpose, is it inclined to God's blueprint in my life or in my own way ( hehehhehe sometimes i try to live on my own way , but a lot of times i failed) yeah, its for sure when you follow Jesus wholeheartedly, you can't ask for more. because its been given to you every single concern that i have right now, it might be small or big, but in God's eyes I am a victor and not a victim, im no longer defeated for God has fight the battles for me. I may face challenges - giant as they can be, but I have a one true bestfriend, my Savior, my life, my everything - it's Jesus. People might see me as weird, over acting, but I just fell in love with Jesus.

well as what i have promised to my last post, i will introduce myself who am I? ehemmm... im a simple person with a true heart, that's what andrew masters told me, i've got a true heart, when im happy it can be clearly seen in my eyes, my moves, my words. when im sad, and im feeling blue well step back, cause i wont care even if you make yourself a clown in front of me. if im sad, i always go inside my room, ponder on things - cry and cry until tears cease to flow. hehehehe im not good in english but not that bad. before im very shy type of person, taht even i cannot look to your eyes directly or even introduce myself in a big crowd, when i made accomplishments i dont want people to brag about me, i believe its for me to know but for you to find out. but things has changed, i started to open my world and connect it to others. im no longer afraid of being rejected, i started to make decisions for myself, i started to learn and discover the real me. well, i found out that i can work and produce outputs even if the situation is very hard. i can still produce good outputs even if the soil is dry, i can make possible routes to come up with an optimum solution to solve the problem... am i getting closer to my introduction? hehehehhe well im just one of a kind, seriously loving Jesus, a consistent dean's lister on my college days, started as a coffee maker to become a senior and professional programmer.... i have my humble beginnings in my career, but i thank God though im humbled at that times but God has put me into a higher level. im happily married but still got no kids in due time God will provide me too hehehehhe in His perfect time i cannot questioned it, for it is from Him comes life, for he is the Author of Life.
i believe in Jesus, taht He died for my sins, that Jesus paid the price of shame and death for me, i came to know the Lord JEsus Christ at one of greater manila conference youth camp though my parents were born-again christian since birth i still do have a great encounter with God. at first when i was kid, i view life as simpler, eat and sleep then play then just the almost same routine everyday. i started going to scvhool at 6, doesnt even know and distinguish the color "green" and the answer to my math test 5 + 4, cant perfectly write the letter M or N, always being scolded by my father if i didnt get the lessons correctly and easily - in short less brain during early school days. hehehehehe ill just continue telling u my story on my next post- i got to go i need to sleep for ill be at office tom @9am.... see you.

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