Wednesday, April 16, 2008

good morning

ohayo gozaimasu! ogenki desu ka. its a great morning today, i just woke up that i felt that my hours of sleep is complete, usually almost everyday i've only got 4-5 hours of sleep, i know, i know its not good for my health but what can i do. my travel time for work is 2 hours including the heavy traffic in the south expressway. i just eat plenty of fruits, veggies and drink at least 2 liters of water everyday. yeah its sound so weird but its a secret to avoid kidney stones and other related complications.
well its good that i arrive office @9:03 at least i'm in before the leway lapsed. hehehehe turned on the computer, log to ym, log to skype, check company emails (ows????????) and started to train my trainees. mahirap palang magturo kasi you;ve got to put your shoes into their shoes, minsan kailangang magcontrol ng emotions hehehehehehhe pero gud thing natutunan ko na un ngayon. ang almusal ko nga pala today is paksiw na isda and sinangag ang sarap grabe na ito.... parang gusto ko pa nga ng salted eggs kaso walang mabilhan eh. kaya un na lang.
para rin gusto kong magcoffee pero parang nakakakadik na ata ang mahal tapos isang baso lang grabe pero pangrelax ko lang un madalas sa anabel lee ako, masarap sila magtimpla and in fairness mura sila, sa susunod na blog ko pipilitin ko nang english lahat. i need to educate myself with this. sige matatpos naung lunch break need to get back to work mamaya ulit...after office hours see u.

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