Thursday, April 17, 2008

hu cares for me?

hu cares for me when....
1. im down
2. im lonely and crying
3. nobody understands
4. i can't thresh out my real feelings
5. im abandoned
6. im late
7. im pressured
huh?!!! tsk, tsk, well it really happens to me sometimes when i find ways to relax, i always ponder on how my life is, how will it be within the next few years of my life. i wish i had it all, money, fame, power, influence, beauty (oppps i have it pala... hehhehee). i might not have it all for God knows if i have it then I wont be needing Him but that's not what I want - a life with Jesus simple, elegant, blessed and highly favored what more can I ask for? I know God had taught me how to be contented whether in lack or in full. why am i feeling or writing like this? (that's what blogging is all about - an outlet) put all your fingers on your keyboard, start to run the dictionary in your head....huh!???? God teach me more to live a life that pleasing you. I dont want to live a miserable life, help me to live it in Your fullest.

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