Sunday, April 27, 2008

what's the answer?

white chocolate mocha, grande for rhea?

"good morning", a barista on the counter greeted me as i exchange it with a fancy smile. "hi, one white chocolate mocha grande please" sobbingly nodded "make it extra hot, (again with a smile)". "one white chocolate mocha extra hot for rhea". i handed a 500 peso bill to the cashier, and look around to find a couch, how i wish i have one in the house. a couch where i can lay down when i'm tired, seat and dream, talk and talk until all stories will be foretold. as the hot mocha was being handed to me, i sprinkled it with chocolate and cinnamon powder, uhmmmm, yummy, sweet again another calories more fat to burn this coming weekend.
as i sit down in the couch, watch the people passing by and through, recall what had happened yesterday. still in a deep blue atmosphere asking myself, "why? what's wrong with it? is it correct (definitely and absolutely wrong)". well a single or two quiet days in a very subtle and relax place will do but after that what else?

yes, truly God is the only and ultimate answer for all of this. i should just get down on my knees, fold my hands, closed my eyes, deeply cry out to God and boom everything will be alright. take a deep breathe, believe in my heart God is in charge, let go and let God. Learn to forgive people who had hurt me for I cannot move on if I keep on looking back and back and back.... I should move on with my eyes focused on what lies ahead of me. Get in touch with the Lord, spend a quality time with Him and rely on Him at all times.

God help me, change my lifestyle that it would always give glory to your name.

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