Thursday, May 1, 2008

long or short hair?

long or shot hair?

it's summer time, hay.... before I use to be in long hair for almost a year but when summer hits the city i just got fully decided to have it cut in a very very short hair cut. hehehhe feeling ko tuloy lalaki ako hehehehe.... well having a short hair during summer time is fun and worth a second look gosh, tsk, tsk.... having a short haircut has a real life story to me. i have a special friend before whom I had the chance to be with for more than 3 years. Actually we started as good friends but ended up as "enemies". Well if given the chance to talk to him once again, I would be willing to say "You're still my friend, no matter what they say, your relatives say and even the whole world will say, I still believe that we can still be good friends but not more than friends. " I wish I had that chance. If in case you see this blog, my friend, I know I've wronged you in a way but I want you to know that "I'm sorry, I've got no options during that time. I have to do it. I have to forget that there is one single day we've met, get closed, get to know each other...but ended up to nothing. For now, its enough for me to have one last day and chance to talk to you in a sweet relaxing coffee shop even if you'll be with your special someone it's okey just to clear myself out of this matter.

Well, well, well, this post is all about short or long hair. Well that friend of mine prefer me to have a long hair. I remember one day we pledge. "Pag nagpagupit ako ng sobrang ikli na ka-level ng tenga ko, it means I don't love you anymore. But as long as mahaba ang hair ko it means to say I really mean that love to you." Well, I just smiled wonder how could I endure the heat during summer time with a long hair. Mainit, grabe pero siyempre remember the pledge. hehehehhe, i know we're getting weird during those time, it may sound so silly but it soothes me when I hear him whispering to my ears "nothing gonna change my love for you". (sweet! isn't he?)

that's why when I entered the parlor last month I am still asking myself "a short or long haircut?" Well, I'll go for short haircut its simply because I can never turned back the time again. It's finally over. Now short or long haircut?

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  1. seems like your a lovely couple to me!!!,.... #sweetlovin'