Wednesday, May 7, 2008

new task, new challenges

2 weeks to study webERP!

what? as my boss entered our conference room, i've noticed that he is smiling at me. wondering why? will it be a compliment? or a surprise? or a bonus? or an increase? or a "pack up your things" note? whaaaaaa..... he is smiling because he will just give me 2 weeks to study webERP. well boss is still boss, all i can do is to obey and follow. wla nang iba.... welll given the chance big responsibilities, more task more challenges more learning, well all i can say its part of my learning experience, it really depends on me how would i respond. if i respond positively, then things will turned out right if not then tsugi...hay hirap ng taas ng expectations ng boss, Lord I can't live with it, please help me. Help me to understand webERP how it works, what is the framework, how could I manipulate it? help me please help I know You will never leave me nor abandon me. I know You're real and true to Your promises. I just have to fully trust in You and motivate myself to do my work as if I am doing it for You. Thank you for my job - thank you for entrusting to me these overflowing blessings, but help me to become a good steward.

well it sound as a prayer to me but it's true. you know what when i really don't know what to do, all i can do is to run to God, pray, read and hear instructions from Him. wala na akong ibang matatakbuhan nang hindi ako iiwan si God lang yun. Even my closest friends they can just take off their shoulders to me but God I know and believe He can't, He won't and He will not. I know He is faithful......

now why not take a few moments today to thank God for your job? get into your prayer cabin and begin to thank Him for He has blessed you for such a time as this. He has put you here for such a time as this and learn to wait until His plan for you is revealed. God bless you.

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