Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reminds me of Home

Today, I can say that this is not an easy one. The company of which I am employed announced a not so good news about the upcoming future organizational restructure. I've have this feeling of I might be one of the enlisted, so I ask the Lord to "hold up my fears and tears, that whatever happens God will remain to be faithful." I know this might be tough time just like what had happened before. Though as much as I don't want these things to happen again and again, but who am I to resist the change.

Dear Lord,
The path of which I am taking right now might be a blind one - still a dark one. I don't know the end. I don't know where it would lead. But one thing is for sure, together we can make it. Hold me Lord, thank you for not leaving me specially in these dark hours of my life.


This picture reminds me of home, a dwelling place where I could stay in His presence. No fears, no tears, no anxieties, just life, hope and love.

Till I be in heaven, Lord you are my life. If you want to let me go and leave, I'll do it because I know You're the one who leads me. I love you, Lord.

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