Sunday, February 26, 2012

just another sunday

I went to church this morning, dressed with a green shirt on top with pencil-cut styled skirt, but as I seat down on the chair where only few minutes were left for the worship service to start, I started asking myself, "Am I really prepared to meet thy God just today, just in His presence?". I checked and asked myself, did I pray already? Then I realized, it's not the healthy who go to the hospital, it is the sick - the wounded, who are desperately needing the miracle of healing. Just then I contemplated on how God is loving and merciful to accept me of who I am. I know He is not yet finish with me and I believe He'll make me the best person He wants me to be. - `therealme`

Yes, today is Sunday here in the Philippines, February 26, 2011. My dear friend if you happen to visit this blog of mine, I want you to know this is not an accident. God has a purpose in your life and my life. Indeed, He has orchestrated everything before it happens to the real world, He knows it already. Yes from the very beginning until the end of time.

Oh well, to my surprise the message is too detailed for me. The message title is `To Whom Shall We Go` by Rev. Greg Smith, the guest speaker at Word of Hope in front of SM North Edsa Annex. When I have problems, when I'm down and help is nowhere to be found, it made me realized that all I need to do is to turn and look back to Jesus and never drift away. Sometimes, it is easy to say it, it is easy to post or to put words in our finger, but what hits me most is the reality. The real scenario, the real typhoon where strike of strong winds almost overwhelmed me where I almost give up. Thank God He did not give up on me.

Today, is not just another Sunday, not just an ordinary and habitual Sunday. I must keep on, move on and press on towards the goal - until the day that I will see my Creator and Savior - our Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord.

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