Monday, July 14, 2008

Make My Heart Your Own

"in everything give thanks unto the Lord", a very popularly known Bible verse in my life that the Lord is just putting it very clearly in my heart and in my mind. I just recently experienced how hard it was when the people that surrounds you seems to be unreasonable and harsh at times. So I found myself crying under the tree, wishing that everything will turned out right. Wishing it should never happen for one good reason "I don't deserve a treatment like that." Being in that situation, how could I say "Thank You Lord for allowing these things to happen." It's really hard. I wish life would be easy, full of happiness and joy, full of victories and good memories but life is not a bed of roses. Life is mixed with joy and sadness, sorrow and happiness, victory and defeat. It all really depends on me, on how would I respond during this situation.

Will I leave my job? Will I trade my blessings? Will I be down? Will I be discouraged?

Life must go on neither should I. Just give everything unto Jesus. He is the absolute answer to all my life's questions and doubts. Lord I surrender my life to You, I recommit my heart, my hands, my whole being to You Lord. Make my heart Your own.

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