Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a Wonderful Day!

I wake up early today at exactly 6:00AM. Even though I felt like as if I want to be back on my bed to sleep, I dragged myself down to the kitchen to prepare my food. I'll just cook the rice and reheat the "menudo" which I was able to cook last night. Oh, how I wish I will always be waking up early for work. "Oh, God thank you for blessing me with a job, I know You gonna prosper me along the way and I believe in Your Word that You bless diligent hands. Thank You for inspiring me to work today".

I have reached the office at 9:03AM and thank God that I am not late since we do have a leeway of 15 minutes. I praise God for who He is in my life. He never leave me nor forsake me. It's been a habit for me in singing songs of praise while I am on travel. I really don't know why I am like that maybe it is the Lord who just instantly put the songs in my heart and the melodies starts to fly in the air. It's really a wonderful day. Thank You Lord.

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