Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I just wish, I hope not

i just wish that they don't say things in a harshly manner.
i just wish that they be sensitive enough to feel their environment.
i just wish that they be polite and courteous and full of respect when approaching each other.
i just wish that they learn to work professional.
i just wish that they love their job wholeheartedly

sadly to say that before our problem is manpower but now we have hired professional people who can do their job well done then all they have to do is to support him or her in every way they can.

people are too stupid and got that crab mentality
they aren't aware that we should be in full harmony and cooperation in the work place
to get the job done , to target the market, to entice more clients and big projects.

too stupid
too harsh
too idealistic but not realistic
too envious
too insecure
too volatile

are you one of them? i hope not.

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